An Open Letter to the BOD of Gold Resource Corp. (GORO)

“One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity...”                                                             ~ Chinese Proverb   Dear Member of the Board, We commend you, as well as management, in steering us through very turbulent waters over the last few years.  When precious metal … [Read more...]

The Gold Series

The Gold Series Presented By: and GOLDCORP     The Gold Series: The Most Sought After Metal on Earth (Part 1 of 5) This infographic, part one in our 2014 Gold Series, introduces the yellow metal and tells the story of how it became the most sought after metal on … [Read more...]

Why Warren Buffett Should Buy Gold Resource Corp. (GORO) (If Only He Knew About It…)

Why Warren Buffett Should Buy Gold Resource Corp. (GORO) (If Only He Knew About It...) By: Regal Point Capital Source: Seeking Alpha … [Read more...]

Presenting a Golden Opportunity (GORO)

Presenting a Golden Opportunity (GORO) Regal Point Capital believes that equity in Gold Resource Corporation represents the most compelling value of any precious metals mining company today.   GORO has the potential to be a long term multi-bagger, but even today it trades at a drastic discount to … [Read more...]

The Federal Reserve: Ripping off Americans since 1913

Almost exactly 100 years ago, our government gave birth to the Federal Reserve System (known as the Fed) and placed them in charge of protecting the value of the US dollar.  Since then, the value of the dollar has declined by over 95%... Sounds like a Federal Fail to me... You might ask, how did this … [Read more...]