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ValueWalkHerbalife Ltd. (HLF) “A Ticking Time Bomb”: Regal Point

A spokesperson for Regal Point tells ValueWalk that they increased their short position in Herbalife after the company’s conference call  



 reuters logo Wall Street Rejects Ackman’s Herbalife “Death Blow”

“Unfortunately, Bill over-promised and under-delivered on this presentation,” said Vijay Marolia, a fund manager at Regal Point Capital Management. Several other hedge fund managers said that they were recent buyers of the stock, and were not convinced to sell by Ackman’s presentation.  




bloomburgNQ Mobile Sinks 32 Percent as Audit Panel Heads Resigns  

“Her resignation tells me there was probably disagreement and possibly bad blood between the board and the auditors,” Vijay Marolia, chief investment officer at Regal Point Capital Management, a short seller, said in an e-mailed comment. “I believe PwC smells something fishy. At the very least, they’re making sure all the bases are covered.” READ MORE >>



ValueWalk  NQ Mobile Inc: ‘Never Quite’ or ‘Never Quit’? 

A hedge fund manager says NQ Mobile Inc (NQ) “raises more red flags than the Soviet Union” and told ValueWalk that he thinks the company is under investigation READ MORE >>





  Herbalife Ltd. (HLF): Nothing But ‘Snake Oil,’ Says Regal Point

A hedge fund manager other than Bill Ackman has some scathing comments about Herbalife Ltd. (HLF)  READ MORE >>



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