These Profits Will Tickle Your Fannie (FNMA)

RPC’s Quick & Easy on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

All you need to know about Fannie Mae in 3 slides; including why the third amendment to the Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement (PSPA) is unconstitutional.


The Bottom Line

The one thing we know for sure, is that the courts will ultimately decide the outcome.


Direct quote from Judge Margaret Sweeney:

“Thus, rather than turning a blind eye to a case and immediately dismissing it from its docket merely because the case
concerns the FHFA, the proper approach is for a court to examine the factual underpinnings and legal contentions
presented by the complaint, in order to determine whether the exercise of its jurisdiction is proper,” she clarified. “In
essence, defendant asserts that the court should merely take its word that the documents – some of which the
defendant, itself, has not reviewed-are privileged. This suggestion is contrary to law.”

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