Next Steps for Greece: The Complete Post-Referendum Roadmap

Next Steps for Greece: The Complete Post-Referendum Roadmap


As reported earlier this morning, a slim majority of Greeks now support a “no” vote on the referendum set for this weekend. As a reminder, it’s as yet ucnclear precisely what it is that Greeks will be voting on given that, technically anyway, the last creditor proposal is now null and void after the country exited its second program after defaulting on Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the show will go on, or at least that’s been the rhetoric out of Athens up until this morning and indeed, mutliple EU officials have signaled that no discussions will be possible until the referendum in complete.

So, as we await Tsipras’ response to reports which indicate he is set to concede to creditors’ proposals (which may, some suspect, lead to the PM cancelling the referendum altogether) in exchange for a deal that rescues his country from the brink of economic oblivion, Barclays and Bloomberg are out with referendum roadmaps.

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