Is NQ Mobile Legit? Or Should They Quit? (NQ)

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Buddha

We are still patiently waiting for a response to our last set of simple and sincere questions.  We understand that it is very time consuming to develop a 100 year strategy, so we’ll keep waiting.  What we don’t understand is why any mobile technology company would ever develop a 100 year strategy.


I tell my employees, partners, even investors that we’re truly building a 100-year company. NQ Mobile is positioned uniquely and strongly to truly become the leading global, mobile internet services platform company. “ – Henry Lin, Co-Founder and CO-CEO


If you could alleviate our concerns and prove that you have a viable business, we have the flexibility of mind, and of money, to reverse our short position and go long.


  • What does the leading mobile internet services platform company do exactly?


  • Besides the gentleman below, what exactly is your “unique positioning?”




NQ segway (loaded w/ software to protect you from enemy segways?)




  • If the majority of the money you claim to make is made outside of the US & China, where does it come from and who exactly is paying it?  A little color as to what they’re actually paying for would also help us tremendously.




  • You claim you’re suing Muddy Waters’ Carson Block, but you’re only doing it in China.  He’s in the US, you’re listed in the US, AND one of your dual “headquarters” is in Dallas, TX, USA.  So, why not just sue him in the US?  In case you forgot, he dared you to do it.

    • In fact, why not take Carson up on the offer to have a free audit done by a 3rd party?  That would surely show that you have nothing to hide, right?


  • Finally, and most importantly—when can I get my hands on this bad mamma-jamma?