Enjoy Principles For Success by Ray Dalio

Join Ray Dalio on a thought-provoking adventure in a new animated mini-series, Principles for Success. He has taken his book Principles, and distilled it into a 30 minute ultra mini series that focuses on the life principles. Visit Ray Dalio's YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

IRS Targets Loopholes for $415 Billion Business Owner Tax Break

The Internal Revenue Service provided some long-awaited answers for business owners hoping to dodge the limits on a juicy new tax break. The IRS’s proposed regulations make it clear that the agency considers a planning technique known as “crack and pack” to be abusive. The move had been eyed by … [Read more...]

10 Lodging Investment Trends and Challenges in 2018

Posted by: Lodging Staff in Finance, Finance + Development, Financial Advice and News May 9, 2018 The Lodging Industry Investment Council (LIIC) released its annual survey of the think tank’s members and developed a list from the results that highlight major hotel investment opportunities and … [Read more...]

Understanding Market Structure

Understanding Market Structure Graphic by: Infographics Source: Visual Capitalist … [Read more...]

Next Steps for Greece: The Complete Post-Referendum Roadmap

Next Steps for Greece: The Complete Post-Referendum Roadmap Source: ZeroHedge.com  As reported earlier this morning, a slim majority of Greeks now support a "no" vote on the referendum set for this weekend. As a reminder, it's as yet ucnclear precisely what it is that Greeks will be voting on given … [Read more...]